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Offline Test Generator

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Generates an offline test suite that achieves link coverage of the finite state machine (FSM) generated from a model program. The test suite can then be executed by the Conformance Tester, ct. For example, the command

otg /r:PowerSwitch.dll PowerSwitch.Contract.Create

generates the test suite


It is typical to compose a scenario expressed as an FSM with a contract model program in C# in order to limit the size of the generated FSM.


otg [/reference:<string>]* [/mp:<string>]* [/file:<string>]* [/append[+|-]]* [/fsm:<string>]* <model>* @<file>


otg @otg_args.txt
otg /r:ClientServer.dll ClientServer.Factory.Create /fsm:Scenario.txt
otg /r:ClientServer.dll /mp:ClientServer /fsm:Scenario.txt
otg /r:ClientServer.dll ClientServer.Factory.Create /file:ContractTest.txt
otg /r:ClientServer.dll /mp:ClientServer /file:ContractTest.txt


/?, /help
Displays usage information and exits.

Referenced assemblies. (Short form: /r)

Model programs given in the form M or M[F1,...,Fn] where M is a model program name (namespace) and each Fi is a feature in M. Multiple model programs are composed into a product. No factory method is needed if this option is used.

File where test suite is saved. The console is used if no file is provided. (Short form: /f)

If false the file is overwritten, otherwise the generated test suite is appended at the end of the file. Default value: ``-'' (Short form:

File name of a file containing the term representation fsm.ToTerm() of an fsm (object of type FSM). Multiple fsms are composed into a product.

Fully qualified names of factory methods returning an object that is an instance of ModelProgram. Multiple models are composed into a product. No factory method arguments are needed if the /mp: option is used instead.

Read response file for more options.

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