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The NModel Examples demonstrate how to use the framework.

In addition to a model program, most of the examples also include an implementation and a test harness (called a stepper in NModel) for executing tests with the ct tool.

To browse the examples, select the Source Code tab, click on the Browse icon for the latest release, and navigate to Sources/samples. There is a subdirectory for each example.

To download the examples, go to the Releases tab (above) and download To extract the examples, right click on the zip file and select Extract All... Navigate to the directory where you want to put the examples, then Extract. The extractor will create a subdirectory for each example.

Each example contains a README.txt file and a build.bat command file. To build the example, just cd to its directory and type build at the command prompt. The README file provides instructions for running the example.

If you prefer Visual Studio, each example also contains a "solution" (an .sln file). You may open the solution in Visual Studio and build it in the usual way. NModel does not require Visual Studio.

Several of the examples are discussed in the book Model-based Software Testing and Analysis with C#.

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