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Creating NModel.msi

If you want to create a custom NModel installer from the sources, proceed as follows.
First ensure that you have Sandcastle, Windows installer XML (WiX), NUnit-2.2.8-net-2.0 and GLEE (a graph layout engine that is used by the mpv utility)
installed, if not: Go to the build directory of the source tree and execute the command
> msbuild

The above command produces the file NModel.msi with build and assembly version:
Version(1, 0, ((((today.Year - 2006) * 100) + today.Month) * 100) + today.Day, 0)

If you want to provide a specific version x.y.z.w provide it with the parameter CCNetLabel
> msbuild /p:CCNetLabel=x.y.z.w

Executing this msbuild command will create a new version of the file src\version.cs that assigns the new assembly version string. Be sure to copy this new file into your development environment, commit it to your version control system, etc.

Building NModel libraries and utilities

If you just want to build the libraries and the utilities, execute the following command in the src directory.
This does not require that you have installed Sandcastle or WiX, but it does require GLEE and it does require NUnit (unless
the *.Tests unit test projects are excluded from the build).
> msbuild NModel.sln

This command builds and adds the libraries and the utilities to a top level bin directory of the source tree.

This command may fail with error MSB4126 if the PLATFORM environment variable is defined on your system.
In that case (if you dare not undefine the variable) use these additional options:
> msbuild NModel.sln /p:Platform="Any CPU" /p:Configuration=Debug

Creating NModel.chm

The documentation file NModel.chm can be built separately, without creating the full installer NModel.msi .
A prerequisite is that you have installed Sandcastle (see above).
You must first build the NModel.dll library as described above.
Then run the script buildNModelDocs.bat in the build directory of the source tree.
The script will produce the NModel.chm file in the same directory.

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